About Myra Consulting, Inc.

Myra Consulting, Inc. provides software development service in all areas related to design and development of custom information systems. Our developers can design and support applications specific to your business requirements in time and on budget. Some tasks are outsourced to reduce the overall development cost. Majority of our team members have worked on a range of professional level software projects for a number of different companies. Each one of them takes pride in maintaining a high level of technical expertise. Among them we have industry certified professionals and trainers (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco). Ability to work independently as well as part of a team is a must.

Our Services
We specialize in full spectrum of software development to meet the needs of our clients. Our service offerings include full software project management, systems analysis and design, desktop application development, client/server application development, web application development, e-commerce application development and custom application develpoment.
Our mission is to provide our clients with quality, creative and cost-effective software solutions.

Unlike typical consulting companies who outsource some or all of their development and keep the profits, we pass the saving on to our customers. Our outsourced developers are experienced, highly-qualified (master degree and/or Microsoft certified) specialists. Outsourced developers are keeping accurate records of each and every hour spent on the projects. We provide a web-based interface to our customers to track the development process.

Our rates are $20-30 per outsourced developer hour, up to $60-$90 per local developer hour, depending on complexity of a task order, and there are no other hidden costs. Our staff is accessible 24x7 and have all necessary equipment and tools. For each project we establish a test environment so the customer can view and control development process at any milestone from anywhere in the world.